From What you Eat to the Exercise you do ... We will cover. 


The LMDTEAM provide a dynamic, creative and results-oriented opportunity for clients to share a coaching experience with other highly talented individuals. The focus includes many vision, goal and personal success oriented topics while supporting each other. The supportive and challenging learning environment provides a powerful experience for clients, often creating long-term relationships and working partnerships.

This kind of coaching is usually done via social media like Facebook Private Groups or on group platforms such as Zoom.


Gain insight from others in a supportive format :
✅Set goals for the future (health, family)
✅Organize your time and resources
✅Create a supportive network through participating in group chats, calls etc.
✅Simplify your life while learning new strategies to make it better
✅Increase your satisfaction with your family life
✅Receive accountability from group members

✅free workouts using the Live More Daily App.


Achieve your health and fitness goals for a happier healthier life Let us do the thinking, planning and strategizing and all you need to do is work the plan and #LiveMoreDaily.

2021 60 Day Challenge