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Have you ever had a goal or a dream that just keeps calling to you? The goal may be physical like running a marathon, or it may be starting a business, or maybe writing a book. Maybe you convinced yourself that it wasn't the right time. Maybe started and stopped many times, but you keep telling yourself "one day...I'll do it." Perhaps you just needed some guidance, and a plan to follow. Minister, Certified Trainer, and Wellness Coach Gregory Dorsey has written a guide that will get you off the couch and moving toward your goal. The book is not only a 30 day plan, but a devotional that draws encouragement and instruction from God's Word. Greg guides you through a 30 day process inspired by his own amazing journey from having health challenges to racing the Iron Man Triathlon multiple times. You will be challenged daily to meditate on Biblical principles that help you to keep pressing toward your finish line. "Live More Daily: Going All In To Win Your Race" will inspire you to set a goal an do a little each day to accomplish it. It will encourage you to believe that you can do more, be more, and live more. Whatever your race, this book will help you to finish strong!

Autographed Copy of LMD: Going All in to Win Your Race

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